Russ graduated from Bates College with a double major in Studio Art and Political Science.
He has been working since 1994 continuously as a cameraman with extensive travel to over 35 countries. He shoots TV, film, travel, documentary film, food, corporate, and action sports. He's worked for clients in Thailand 3 times, the far west of China, the Amazon, Istanbul, Afghanistan, New Zealand and throughout America, for example. He specializes in travel and is a dual passport holder of the U.S. and the E.U. able to work in both places. After a successful 8 year run of making his own snowboard films all over the world, he turned freelance in 2001. He is the owner and operator of a RED Scarlet 4K Raw camera system among others and a Steadicam owner / operator.

Russ on location shooting
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"Habitual" Feature film, Red Camera, 2019

"Ultimate Adventure", June Lake, CA, 2016

Classic 50s 60s Ferraris race, Pebble Beach, MotorTrend, 2015

Drag Week, Hot Rod Magazine live broadcast, 2015

Lifetime Network TV series "Celebrity Bucket List", 2013

"Ultimate Adventure", Motor Trend, 2013

"Dusty Cars", RJ Films jib arm, 2013

Daniel Ellsberg Interview, Internet Archive, 2013

Cooking Channel Network TV series "Easy Chinese", 2011

SEMA International Car Show, Las Vegas, 2013

Top Truck Challenge, Hollister Hills, CA, 2009

"OxyMorons" Feature film, Red One camera, Boston, MA, 2010

Live Broadcast Villanova at Maine Football, 2010

Top Truck Challenge, Hollister Hills, CA, 2008

Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2006

New England Revolution playoff game, Foxboro, MA, 2006

Mt. Hutt, New Zealand on location for "Stolen Good", 2000

on location for "Children of the Trains", Klong Toei slum, Bangkok, Thailand, 2007

outside Kabul, Afghanistan, 2006

on location for "Eight Days and Six Hours", Monument Valley, AZ, 2006

the "O.R. of the Future", Mass General Hospital, 2008

"Pacific Fusion" TV Show, Philadelphia, PA, 2008

shooting for Camp Jones Gulch YMCA, La Honda, CA, 2007

on location, directing and shooting "Stolen Good", New Hampshire, 2000

"Not Your Mother's Washboard" documentary, Monterey, CA, 2008

My first film, "Far East", pic by Gary Land, Vermont, 1994

"WinCatherine: The Story of Wincatherine Nyambura Ndereba" documentary, Boston Marathon, 2010

Cooking / Travel show, Oaxaca, Mexico, 2009

"OxyMorons" Red One Feature film, Boston, 2010

on location for "Stolen Good", New Zealand, 2000

"Top Truck Challenge", pic by Jason Gonderman, Hollister Hills, CA, 2010

"Velocity" 16mm film, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 1997

"I Know What You Did Last Winter" film, Carson Pass, CA, 1998

on location for "Orange", Germany, 1999

Afghanistan, 2006

Thailand, 2006

Top Truck Challenge, Outdoor Network, Hollister Hills, CA, 2011

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Mouse here for partial list of CAMERAS I SHOOT WITH:

RED Scarlet 4K camera *
Sony PMW-350 HD ENG camera *
Panasonic VariCam
Sony F900R
Panasonic HDX900
Sony F55
Canon C300
Canon C100
Panasonic HPX500
Aaton XTR
Eclair NPR *
Sony HDC1000RLW
Sony HXC100K
Panasonic HPX170 *
Panasonic HVX200 *
Black Magic Ursa
Nikon D5200 *
Canon 5D Mark III
Beaulieu R16 *
Ikegami HK-388W
Sony FS-100
Sony EX-3
Sony EX-1
Thomson broadcast cameras
Sony Z1U
Bolex H16 *
Sony DXC-D50
Sony DXC-D35
Panasonic DVX100b
Sony V1U
Canon XL2
Sony PD150
Sony PD170
Sony VX3 *
Sony VX2000
Panasonic SDX900
Keystone A16 *
* denotes cameras I own

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