Director, Director of Photography, Producer and Editor:

Eight Days, Six hours 2012 Feature Length documentary 144 min.
Stolen Good 2002 16mm Feature film 96 min.
Orange 1999 16mm film 36 min.
I Know What You Did Last Winter 1998 16mm film 36 min.
Velocity 1997 16mm film 35 min.
Fluid 1996 Short 36 min.
U.F.O. 1995 Short 26 min.
Far East 1994 Short 29 min.
Director of Photography
Habitual (Shot on my RED) 2020 Feature length film
Directed by Johnny Hickey
90 min.
Children of the Trains 2011 Thailand Documentary
Directed by Barbara Grandvoinet
85 min.
WinCatherine: The Story of
Catherine Nyambura Ndereba
2011 Directed by Stefani Weiss 85 min. (est.)
Oxy-Morons (1 of 2 D.P.s) 2011 Red One feature film
Johnny Dangerously Productions
107 min.
Not Your Mother's Washboard 2011 Feature length Documentary
Directed by Paul Mariano
85 min. (est.)
Move Further (Global campaign) 2006 Directed by Kevin Willson
Pioneers, Florida
50 min.
Director of Photography: 2nd Unit
These Amazing Shadows 2011 Sundance festival 2011
Directed by Paul Mariano
86 min.
Marranos 2011 HD feature film 85 min. (est.)
Come on Down 2010 Directed by Joseph Laraja 38 min.
The Diary of Sacco and Vanzetti 2002 Directed by David Rothhauser 63 min.
Location Sound Mixer / Recordist
Ordinary Man 2012 Red One feature
Directed by Michael Yebba
tbd min.
Oxy-Morons 2011 Red One feature
Johnny Dangerously Productions
107 min.
The Substance: Albert Hofmann's LSD 2011 HD documentary feature
Directed by Martin Witz
89 min.
Big River Man:
Martin Strel Vs. the Amazon
2007 HD documentary feature
Sundance Festival winner
100 min.
Nice N Rough 2011 Directed by Sheila Hardy 80 min. (est.)
Blur 2009 Super 16mm Feature film
Directed by John Kim
90 min.
The Dead Sleep 2009 Feature film
94 min.
EM 2008 San Francisco Unit Mixer:
Directed by Tony Barbieri
93 min.
Zombie Cafe 2005 Directed by John Kim 20 min.
First Assistant Camera
Urban ReVision 2006 Super 16mm PSA film
Hot Bed Media
2 min.
Film Editor:
Celebrating Who We Are 2005 Milford United Methodist Church 17 min.
The Diary of Sacco and Vanzetti 2002 Directed by David Rothhauser 63 min.
Transworld Snowboard Video Mag. 1997 Super 8mm film "Jim Kelly", 5 min.
Steadicam Operator, Camera Operator, First Assistant Camera
Nowheresville 1999 Super 16mm feature film
Double Midnight Prod.
90 min.
Key Grip
Opal 2006 Super 16mm feature film
79 min.
None of the Above 2005 Directed by Jay Beverly
35mm short film
25 min.